Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Maxine Hong Kingston “No Name Woman” Theme/Setting

I think some of the themes of "No Name Woman" are the difficulties of being apart of two completely different cultures and the place of women in different cultures. The setting and point of view definitely affect the theme of the story. The setting, which is in China and America, helps illustrate the great differences between the cultures and how hard it is to find a median between the two. The narrator has a hard time finding this balance and it can be seen by how she narrates the story and explains her feelings about different situations. She doesn't know whether to feel sorry for her aunt or feel disgraced by her. Setting also affects the place of women in society. When the narrators aunt was pregnant, she was seen as an outcast because women were supposed to be faithful to their husbands. If not, the consequences were severe. However, in America if a woman is unfaithful to her husband, usually she is not shunned and made an outcast.


cehoffecker said...

I agree with her about the ideas on the speakers ideas about her aunt. It is true that she was ashamed of her but at the same time, she didnt exaclty agree with how she was treated in that situation.

ryan said...

I agree that the culture differences between the Chinese and Americans is shocking. It is difficult to transition from one culture to another. It is amazing that something so vile in one culture can so commonplace in another.